General Information

BarkHaven is a dog friendly restaurant, bar, and coffee shop with an off-leash play area for pets and their people!

Only registered dogs with a valid day pass or membership are allowed. Humans accompanying the dogs must be at least 18. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Humans can enter for free, but all dogs must be registered and have a membership or day pass.

All humans, with or without a dog, need to sign a one-time only waiver to enter BarkHaven.

Registration & Requirements

You can register your dog by applying for a membership online, or you can opt for in-person registration at BarkHaven for a membership or day pass—just remember to have your dog’s vaccination records available!

Dogs must be current on DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations. Please upload vaccination records before your first visit or have them available if registering in-person.

Yes, dogs older than 12 months must be spayed or neutered.

Visiting BarkHaven

Upon arrival, you must check in. Dogs will need to be registered with a membership or day pass. They must remain leashed until they reach the designated off-leash area of the park. Please be careful with the gates when entering and exiting the off-leash area.

No, you must monitor your dog at all times. Do not leave the premises without your dog.

Yes, but only in the designated off-leash play yard.  Dogs must be on leash for check-in, inside, and in the front beer garden.

Accidents happen!  Please clean up after your dog using the provided poop bags, trash cans, and hoses to maintain a sanitary environment.

Behavior & Safety

Ensure your dog’s barking is controlled to maintain a harmonious environment. The BarkHaven Pack Leaders may assist in managing excessive barking.

It’s crucial to closely monitor your dog for early signs of behavioral issues, such as aggression, excessive barking, dominance, mounting, or signs of over-stimulation and fear. Being proactive in addressing your dog’s behavior is key to maintaining a safe environment for everyone. Our Pack Leaders are also vigilant for these signs and may request that you leash your dog or relocate them to a quiet area for a cooldown.

Dogs that are aggressive or not well-socialized should not be brought to BarkHaven. Should your dog inflict bodily harm on another, your membership is subject to termination without a refund. However, we deeply care for all dogs, including the less sociable ones, and offer assistance in their socialization; please inquire with a team member for more information.

Equipment & Amenities

Please refrain from using retractable leashes or choke, prong, electric, or pinch collars. Collars with tags are encouraged.

No outside toys or treats are allowed in the off-leash play area; these may be distracting to dogs and can cause resource guarding.

Indeed, we offer an on-site food truck featuring a delectable menu, along with coffee, craft cocktails, and additional selections at our bar. We kindly request that guests do not bring in outside food or beverages.

While we plan to offer this service soon, we are not currently accepting reservations for organized birthday parties with dedicated event spaces. Nonetheless, you and your dog, along with friends, are welcome to celebrate here. For updates on event bookings, please revisit us at a future time.

Liabilities & Responsibilities

You are solely responsible for your dog’s behavior, any damages caused, and assume all liability for any harm to other dogs, humans, or property.

You may bring up to two dogs per person. If you’d like to bring more, please accompany them with another human friend.